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$100k giveaway

Win Up to $100,000 cash just for being a member

Corporate gyms spend millions of dollars yearly in marketing.

Do their members benefit from this? No!!!

We get it, transformation challenges suck, and no one cares about free personal training.  No one wants to jump through all those hoops to win something they don’t care about.

Our approach is different.  Instead of giving our marketing dollars to Google, Meta or Tik Tok, we are giving back to our members.

So how does getting up to $100,000 cash just for being a member sound?

Join the gym for achievers

Fine Print:

Giveaway amount is based upon active memberships at close of Giveaway Window.

Active Memberships as of April 20, 2023

Must have active membership by or before midnight August 31st, 2023 to win.

Winner will be announced on location September 2nd, 2023 @6PM CST.

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