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Our facility will be clean, orderly, and ready for you to level up in. The atmosphere will be welcoming and the staff will be helpful – this is the way LGND Barbell Co. has always been and the way we intend to stay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are Open & Staffed 24/7. So just come in!

Yes $15 for the day.

Absolutely! Since its a non-recurring membership it is $69. 

Yes if you are Current or Prior Service, Military. Or Police, Firefighter, it is $30 a month. You will be asked for proof when you sign up.

Please email It may take up to 10 days for you to get a response email and up to an additional 10 days for it to complete. Depending on your draft date you might get charged again. No refunds will be processed. If you are charged again you will continue to have access to the facility until your billing period ends.

To acquire a membership you must be 18 years old. Unless parents sign you up for you, there is no age limit.

Yes we allow filming! Make sure your filming is courteous to others’ space and not blocking any walkways or emergency exits. If you are requiring additional lighting, stands, etc please speak to a manager about setting up an appointment.

You can park anywhere on the property. Please look at the signs on the building. Some spaces are reserved for other businesses and LGND Barbell Co staff.

Absolutely! We are open and staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Just for this reason!

A Legal Guardian that we require is court appointed. Someone who is legally responsible for the safety and well being of the individual, documentation is required. 


If you purchase a Single, or Month Pass online, your time window doesn’t start until you come see us at our Front Desk! One of our associates will have you build a profile, sign the liability waiver, and appropriate pass waiver. The time restrictions only start once you are finished with our Front Desk! 

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